Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Investment Performance

Since 1919, the Community Foundation has successfully navigated the ups and downs of the economy to the benefit of our clients. Our prudent investment policy and efficient management position us among the top performing community foundations in the country.

The investments of the Community Foundation continue to consistently outperform our benchmarks, adding 7% per year over the last 10 years, resulting in a nationwide ranking in the top 5% over the last five years, and in the top 25% over the last 10 years. This growth provides significant value to the charitable assets entrusted to the Community Foundation.


The Community Foundation’s Investment Committee remains focused on maintaining a strategy that is driven by long-term objectives. This strategy, along with the size of the Community Foundation's investment pool, allows us to have a highly diversified portfolio with access to the full range of asset classes and top investment managers – all of which increase the likelihood of exceeding performance objectives under varying economic and market conditions.

Furthermore, the Investment Committee seeks to continually capitalize on the Community Foundation’s innate advantages. Those advantages include a long-time horizon, the Community Foundation’s stature as an institutional investor and a robust due diligence process that is used for ongoing evaluation of specific investments and the portfolio as a whole.

Investment Committee Members

  • William Joyce, Board Member and Committee Chair
  • Charles E. Balbach
  • Gary Brost, Board Member
  • Laurence W. Franz, Ph.D
  • Allen F. "Pete" Grum, Board Member
  • Marsha Henderson
  • Luke Jacobs, Esq.
  • Gerard Mazurkiewicz, CPA
  • Michael Munschauer, CFP

For more information, please contact our Giving Strategies Team at (716) 852-2857.

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