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The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo serves nonprofit organizations in two ways:

As a grantmaker

We facilitate several grant application and award processes. For more information and to find out how to apply click here.

As an endowment manager

Many nonprofit entities such as private schools, cultural organizations and service agencies draw against endowments to support their operating costs. Because they are a significant source of support for these organizations, managing the endowment, how it is invested and reported become extremely important.

Often, these endowments are managed by a volunteer committee that has many other responsibilities in addition to overseeing the endowments investments. This can cause the responsibility to become a burden.

The Community Foundation offers a solution for these organizations: we can manage your endowment, invest it with our nearly $400 million in assets so that it has access to maximum diversification and top investment managers and provide quarterly reports. The Community Foundation manages more than 75 funds for local nonprofits, including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Park School. For more information about our services in managing endowment assets, click here.

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